Notable Maryland Authors

In 2018, MWA launched a Writers' Round Tables program to herald Maryland authors of note, to celebrate our 30th Anniversary Year and to encourage Marylanders to have fun writing and playing with words. We are continuing that focus on Maryland authors here, with monthly profiles on local writers across different genres. We continue to encourage Marylanders to try their hand at a writing prompt in that genre.

Calling Maryland Writers

Check out the writer profiles below and give writing in a new genre a whirl. Then submit your writing effort, based on the current month's writer / genre by the 25th of the month, and your prompt may be considered for publication along with next month's author profile.

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Notable Maryland Author Profiles & Prompts

January 2021 Notable Writer: Maryland Poet Laureate Grace Cavalieri

“I get a huge energy transfusion by listening to poets read their works."  – Grace Cavalieri Grace Cavalieri (b. 1932) is an Italian American writer living in Annapolis, MD. During her 43-year career as a poet and playwright she has published 24 books, produced 26 plays, and hosted...

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December 2020 Notable Author: Jack Campbell

“The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword, but the Wise Person Carries Both.” – SFWA Motto Jack Campbell is the pen name of John G. Hemry, a retired U.S. Navy officer, who draws on his military career to write military science fiction novels. He is the author of the New York Time...

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November 2020 Notable Author: Eileen McIntire

“Writing is the perfect career for the lifelong learner because you’d better be.” – Eileen McIntire Eileen Haavik McIntire, author of the 90s Club mystery series, knows one thing for sure. The Nancy Drew she loved reading about as a child would still be piling up...

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October 2020 Notable Author: Alma Katsu

“The world is often a horrible place and women know this.” – Alma Katsu Alma Katsu was born in Alaska, but spent the majority of her youth living near Concord, Massachusetts, to which she attributes her interest in the early American history featured in her novels. She earned a Ba...

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September 2020 Notable Author: John DeDakis

“Don’t give up. The manuscript for my first novel went through 14 major revisions over 10 years and was rejected nearly 40 times until my current agent fell in love with it.” – John DeDakis John DeDakis (deh-DAY-kiss) is a native of La Crosse, Wisconsin. He earned a B.A. in ...

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Notable Maryland Authors PARTICIPANTS


Brunswick Citizen - Brunswick
Calvert County Recorder - Calvert County
Cumberland Times-News - Cumberland
Daily Times - Salisbury
Frederick News-Post - Frederick
Herald-Mail - Hagerstown
Maryland Independent - Charles County
St Mary's County Enterprise - St Mary's County
Times Record - Denton
Valley Citizen - Brunswick


Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County
Charles County Arts Alliance
Worcester County Arts Council

Organizations participate in the following ways:

  • Publishing the Notable Maryland Authors articles in their newspapers and newsletters, posting them on their bulletin boards, and handing them out to their students or members. We ask all participating organizations to do this. 
  • Sponsoring a Teen Writers' Club by providing a meeting location and coordinator, with MWA providing writing mentors. 
  • Sponsoring a MWA chapter by providing a meeting location and coordinator. MWA will assist with meeting agendas, speakers, and writing mentors.

MWA invites local and state-wide organizations, including newspapers, libraries, arts councils, colleges, public and private high schools, homeschool associations, civic groups, museums, to participate. If your organization would like to register as a participant, please contact Jim Brewster, MWA Communications Chair, at [email protected].