Mar 15

MWA March 2021 Board Meeting

MWA members are always welcome to attend board meetings. Currently MWA is holding all meetings virtually. If the venue changes, this event listing will be updated.

Past Board Presidents

1985 – 1986  Irene Solovij
            1987   Lauren Sheriff
            1988   Jack Noone
            1989   Linda Shertzer
            1990   Burn Barnett
            1991   Scott Morrow
            1992   Kevin Schaeffer
            1993   R. Jack
            1994   Steve Southard
1995 – 1996   Doub Palmer
            1997   Judy Reveal
            1999   Sherry Morrow
                       / Vicki Meade
2000 – 2003   Pat O’Connell
2003 – 2005   Scott Morrow
2005 – 2007   Austin Camacho
2007 – 2009   Ann Arbaugh
2009 – 2010   Sonia Linebaugh
2010 – 2012   Nichole Schultheis
2012 – 2014   Paul Lagasse
2014 – 2016   Lalita Noronha
2016 – 2020   Eileen McIntire
2020 – 2022   Amy Kaplan

Board of Directors

Membership Chair / Conference Chair

Flo McCahon
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Communications Chair

Tiffany Aurora
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Communications Chair

James Burd Brewster
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Long Range Planning Chair

Patti (Spady) Ross
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Teen Writers' Club

Christina Lyons
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Editor, Newsletter

Joanne L Zaslow
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Editor, Pen In Hand

Tapendu K. Basu, MD
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Critique Group Coordinator

Deborah Lambert
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Member-at-Large, MWA Books

Eileen Haavik McIntire
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Chapter President, Annapolis

Becky Shiles
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Chapter President, North Baltimore

Constance Hays Matsumoto
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Chapter President, South Baltimore

Janis Wilson
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Chapter President, Carroll County

Kelly Phillips
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Chapter President, Charles County

Karen D. McIntyre
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Chapter President, Cumberland

Ellen T. Coffey
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Chapter President, Frederick County

Kari Ann Martindale
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Chapter President, Howard County

Steve Lubs
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Chapter President, Lower Eastern Shore

Stephanie L. Fowler
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Chapter President, Montgomery County

Stuart Ullman
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Chapter President, Prince George's County

Deidra Laverne McGee
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Chapter President, St. Mary's & Calvert Counties

David Andrew Lehan
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