Start a Chapter

MWA has the goal to create new chapters in support of our dedication to promoting the art, craft, and business of writing. Chapters bring local communities of writers together through regular meetings, programs, and events of interest — along with the benefits of belonging to a state-wide organization.

Elected officers organize and run the chapters, which offer a venue for local monthly meetings. The chapter, like the parent organization, may run its own program of guest speakers on topics of interest to writers: how to get started; writer's block; how to meet your deadline; the necessary work of polishing and editing your writing; how to find an agent or publisher; print-on-demand options; publicity and marketing; and anything else members might be interested in.

The parent organization, MWA, organizes and sponsors an annual writers' conference; maintains responsibility for the biannual literary magazine Pen in Hand as well as anthologies of members' works; organizes and runs periodic short works and novel writing contests; creates opportunities for book selling at area festivals; helps writers find and/or form critique groups; and maintains the MWA website, including links to member and chapter websites. MWA also organizes Teen Writers' Clubs led by MWA members.

Once you become an MWA member, there is no additional fee to attend any chapter meeting, nor is there any requirement to belong to a chapter. MWA welcomes writers of all levels and disciplines, from those who dream of being published to professional freelancers to published authors. Prospective members can learn more about benefits on our membership sign-up form. Annual dues: $40. Additional family members and student dues: $30.

If you'd like to help establish a thriving local community of writers in your area, please review the following documents:

Please contact the MWA Vice President with any additional questions.