Sep 17

Howard County September Mtg - Finding Your Poet's Voice

A fun, interactive workshop for writers of all genres to hone the poet within!

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Howard County Chapter

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MWA Meetings are being held online until further notice, at 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of each month. Our meeting venue is on ZOOM at:

When meeting in person, the Howard County Chapter meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7:00pm at The Owen Brown Community Center, 6800 Cradlerock Way, Columbia.

Chapter President: Steve Lubs, [email protected]

Chapter Vice President: Rick Wright, [email protected]

Chapter Treasurer: Suzanne Forest, [email protected]

Chapter Secretary: Donald McLean, [email protected]




Many of us have attended first page panels at writers’ conventions (when those were going on...), and they can be terrifying events! We hope to take some of the fear out of that and try this as a virtual event this year. Here’s how:

- Send your first page in a word attachment BY MIDNIGHT 14 AUGUST! The submission should be:

  • Double spaced, at least 1-inch margins,
  • 12-point font of your choice, but keep it readable,
  • No names on the page! You can put an alias if you like for easy retrieval later.


They will be distributed to our other officers and a special guest judge as they come in. At our meeting we will read them aloud in the order they were received, and each judge will say one thing they liked, and one thing that needs work. If we can’t get through all of them at the meeting we’ll still get your feedback to you over the next week, as long as you are in the first twenty submissions to come in, and your submission arrived on time.

We hope to "see" you then! 

ALSO, skip to the bottom of our page to see what's going on with the Writers and Coffee group we tried to start Pre-Plague. Things are starting to move a little in Maryland again, so for those of you who are comfortable visiting a coffee shop to write (proper distancing, masks, etc....) it's ON!


Critique Groups

MWA Howard County Poetry Critique Group
— Meets on the First Monday of the Month at Whole Foods in Columbia
— Closed. Waiting list,
— Contact: Patti Ross,

MWA Novel Development Group 
— Meets on alternate Tuesdays at 12:30 at Philly's Best Pizza and Subs (now meeting virtually on ZOOM)
— Note: Members are all in some stage of working on a novel,
Contact: Suzanne Forest, to check on openings, wait list

MWA Memoir Writers Group 
— Meets on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month in members’ homes,
— Contact: Kay Armstrong-Baker,  to check on openings, wait list.

MWA Howard County Group #1, Multi-Genre
— Meets on Alternate Wednesdays at members' homes, 7:00
— NOTE: Requires a trial period.
— Contact: Ali Varden to check on openings / wait list

MWA Howard County Group #2, Multi-Genre
— Meets on the Second Tuesday of the month at members’ homes, 7:30 
— May have openings
— Contact Steve Lubs to check on openings / wait list

Other Resources in Howard County 

Columbia Writers
— Multiple meeting opportunities/times/venues
— Genres: All fiction genres; no non-fiction or poetry at this time
— Visit for more details

Weird and Wonderous Writers
— Meets the third Tuesday of the month at BJ’s Restaurant and Brew House, Columbia
— Genres: Mainly Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror.
— Visit  for more details

Maryland Dream Weavers
— Maryland Dream Weavers meets once a month at a member’s house
— Genre: Primarily Science Fiction and Fantasy
— Currently has no openings
— Contact: Amy Kaplan for wait list.

Savage Writer's Circle
— Meets on the second Monday of the Month at the Savage Branch of the Howard County Library
— Genres: All Genres
— Contact: Claire Ferguson at

Fiction and Screenwriting Critique Group
— Genres: All fiction welcome, including screenplays
— Meets the first and third Tuesdays of the month in Columbia
— More information at   


And now, STARTING RIGHT AWAY (11 August) for a group we were working to develop pre-COVID, with a slight change of day and time:
Writers and Coffee – 9:30 AM every Tuesday, for our members on non-traditional schedules
This is an informal drop-in group (consisting right now of Suzanne!) at Roggenart, 6476 Dobbin Center Way, Columbia... it's accross from the Columbia Ale House  where MWA writers can meet, write, share their questions, and connect to find critique or beta reading partners. This would also have a mailing list, and (if there is enough interest) some kind of discount card good during the meeting times. 
Suzanne Forest, , will be the POC, keep a loosy-goosy membership list, print the discount cards (if we can swing it…), for now but for this to work, at least two alternate POC’s will have to volunteer eventually. 

We can spread out, wear masks, all the good stuff, but still get out and write. Looking forward to seeing anyone who is comfortable joining for some focused writing time and author commisseration. 


Forum - Upcoming Events

Thursday Sept 17 at 7:00
Finding your Poetic voice: A workshop with Rissia Miller