Volunteer Opportunities

MWA is currently looking for volunteers to fill the following positions. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact us.

Intern Coordinator -- In 2009, the MWA began an informal internship program, utilizing interns from Johns Hopkins to help us execute our various projects. You may have already seen the list of MidAtlantic literary magazines that one intern assembled for us, or met another who helped out with the 2009 conference. We're always in need of volunteer assistance, and interns are a great way to get some help while also reaching out to the next generation of writers in Maryland. But we need your help to continue doing so. We're looking for one volunteer to take on the position of Internship Coordinator.

The work required is minimal:

  • Reaching out to existing contact list to make sure it's updated and correct.
  • Take the detailed "job listings" already written and distribute it to the contacts and/or upload it into their online systems.
  • Receive and respond to potential interns.
  • Put the interns in contact with various project supervisors (our immediate needs for the spring are interns to help with PR for contests/conference etc. and someone to help with Pen in Hand).

Outreach to area schools and selection of interns would need to be done about three times a year (to obtain fall, spring, and summer semester interns). If you are interested in helping out, please email Board member-at-large Ally E. Machate. Even if you are only able to help out in the next month to obtain spring interns, that would be appreciated.

Teen Writers' Club Volunteers -- MWA currently operates 10 clubs that provide for more than 100 teenagers to develop their writing skills. The clubs, usually co-sponsored by local libraries, generally operate in a workshop format that gives members an opportunity to share their writing and get peer feedback. Club leaders, who must be MWA members, offer guidance and advice, suggest writing exercises, and supervise all club activities.  In 2015, program leaders plan to publish the first in a series of anthologies of writing produced in the clubs.

MWA is looking for additional volunteer leaders to expand the program throughout the state. Club leaders have considerable discretion to determine the frequency, location, format, and time for meetings. Please contact Teen Club Coordinator Mark Willen at [email protected].