Updating Your MWA Email Preferences

Receiving Emails from MWA

MWA sends various emails to our Members throughout the year, including:

  • Quick Notes from the President - monthly-ish updates about MWA happenings, as well as non-MWA writing opportunities, contests, grants etc.
  • Newsletter - Quarterly, including shout-outs for member achievements, craft insights, chapter news and writing resources
  • Chapter News - update and event announcements from each of MWA's eleven chapters (see more about Choosing Your Choosing News below)
  • MWA Online Offerings (a new option in Choosing Your Chapter News)

To get these emails, you must enable "mass mailings." To check your settings and update your preferences:

  • Login
  • Click on My Profile
  • Check the box next to "Mass Mailing"
  • Click "Save"

If you do not want to receive ANY email updates from MWA, you can uncheck the "mass mailings" box. You will not receive chapter news, Quick Notes, Newsletters or any other announcements from MWA. You can still get all of this information on the website. Note: Newsletters and Quick Notes can be found under the Member dropdown menu in the website's top navigation. You need to login to get this members-only content.

If you elect not to receive mass mailings, rest assured that you will still receive administrative emails specific to your membership, like receipts, invoices, password reset, membership renewal notices, etc.


Choosing Your Chapter News & Online Event Information

When it comes to chapter-specific emails, you can choose to receive meeting announcements only for the chapter(s) you attend regularly, or the chapter(s) near you. You can also use this setting to receive updates on all online events (regardless of chapter).  To select or update your preferences:

  • Log in.
  • On the Member Area menu in the left, click "My Profile"
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of your profile, and under Groups, click the "Edit" button.

  • In the new window, on the left, click "assign" for any chapter or online event news you wish to receive. Scroll down to see more choices.
  • Your selections will appear on the right. Check the box for any chapter news you do not want to receive and click "Remove."
  • Click the "Finish" button.

  • Confirm that your chapter news choices appear in the Groups Section at the bottom of your profile.

You're done! You are now signed up receive email about the corresponding online and chapter(s) events.