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Annapolis Chapter: Writing as Activism with Robert Stubblefield

April 21, 2021
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Writing helps give a glimpse on other groups’ interpretations and thought processes during tumultuous times. Here in this new era, poet and author, Robert Stubblefield, hopes to give a glimpse into how writers, no matter the genre, can use their writing to help society move forward by observing, imagining, and creating the world-that-could-be from the world-that-is. 

Robert A. Stubblefield is a young up-and-coming poet and author from Maryland. His debut poetry book Written in Blood: Anthology 2011-2018 was published last year. He has performed poetry for African royalty such as King Toffa IX of Porto Novo. He is currently working on his next volume. For updates follow him on Twitter @95star or Instagram thatguyrob26

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