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Montgomery County Chapter Oct Mtg - Revision Tips and Topics

October 13, 2018
10:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Mid-County Community Recreation Center
2004 Queensguard Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906

Julie Wakeman-Linn will lead our Oct 13 session on editing "Revisions: Tips & Topics." Using the 1st page of as many attendees' works in progress as possible, time depending. As soon as the details are ready, I'll send them alongTitle:  Edits/Revisions:  Best practices, Strategies and Editorial Insights

Join Julie Wakeman-Linn, former Editor In Chief of Potomac Review, for a hands-on, dynamic session to help ensure the success of your short stories or essays.  

After presenting best practices, strategies and editorial insights into the key paragraphs of short stories and essays, she will provide instant feedback to up to ten writer-attendees who've come prepared. To be eligible to have your work reviewed, please bring a print copy of (one) opening and (two) closing paragraphs from either type of work to share with her (and a copy for yourself). 

In addition, the workshop will include a “weasel words” handout for firming up a story’s flow. This class is a chance to get inside an editor’s head for feedback on a (maybe your!) story’s key paragraphs. Time permitting, Ms. Wakeman-Linn will also discuss submission best practices, including cover letters, record-keeping and literary good citizenship. You'll walk away with an editorial opinion, a useful checklist, and suggestions for polishing your work for publication!

Where else would you get an opportunity like this for free, except as a member of MWA? If you missed her last session with us, don't let that happen again! Plus, if you have her book, she will be available to sign it for you after the meeting.

Julie Wakeman-Linn edited the Potomac Review for twelve years. Her short stories have appeared in over twenty literary magazines and she taught fiction writing for fifteen years. Her novel, Chasing the Leopard Finding the Lion, a finalist for the Bellwether Prize was published by Mkuki Na Nyota in 2012. Her story collection was a finalist for the WWPH 2014 fiction prize. She has presented at the F. Scott Fitzgerald, Literary conference, the Yale Writer's Conference and at AWP.

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