MWA 2012 Writing Contest Winners

Novel Contest: Great Beginnings

A special thanks to all of our contest judges, particularly JoAnn Balingit, who stepped into the role of poetry judge at the very last minute! Congratulations to the 2012 winners of the Maryland Writers Association contests in the following categories:


  • Gold: "The Wager" by Cassandra Pennington
  • Silver: "War of 1812-Impressed" by Leslie Cooney
  • Bronze: "Venus and Venlazquez" by Barbara Mujica

Mainstream Literary

  • Gold: "Welcome to Bethesda" by Derek Lee
  • Silver: "The Empress of India" by Iain S. Baird
  • Bronze: "Silenced Voices" by Teresa Scalzo


  • Gold: "Pilot Program" by Sarah Pinsker
  • Silver: "Juggler's Blade" by Robert Niccolini
  • Bronze: "Ice King" by Peter Wetzel

Young Adult

  • Gold: "River Magic" by Jim Brown
  • Silver: "Nina and the Bodaway" by Vonnie Winslow Crist
  • Bronze: "I'm Not Weird, Just Quiet" by Jeffrey Wiegand

Short Works Contest winners


  • Gold: "Killbox" by Jack King
  • Silver: "When Vivian Greer Came to Sing" by Jessica Gregg
  • Bronze: "Imagining Iraq" by Barbara Mujica


  • Gold: "Walking with My Father" by Alix Moore
  • Silver: "Trout Fishing in Idaho" by Henry S. Parker
  • Bronze: "Beauty Secret" by Murray Edwards


  • Gold: "Forty Years Later: What I Know" (P41) by Lalita Blob
  • Silver: "Study Hall" (P7) by Janice Lynch Schuster
  • Bronze: "Easter, 1952" (P59) by Susan Moger