CJ Cooper, NovCon Coordinator

This year's Novel Contest attracted nearly one hundred entries from all parts of the United States as well as Canada, and Mexico, creating a very competitive environment. Our panel of “blind” judges – all published authors and/or professional editors – were asked to read and critique the contest entries using a comprehensive set of questions that considers the fundamental aspects of novel writing.

The winners received exceptional scores from the judges in areas of reader engagement, plot development, characterization, description, dialogue, balance, tone, pacing and style, and an exceptional blend of craft and creativity.

Winners, by category

Grand Prize: Kevin Lavey, Who’s There?


1st: Ronald W. Pilling, Albemarle Street
2nd: Shelley Schanfield, Sadahana: A Novel of Ancient India
Honorable Mention: Bianca Miller, The Whole of the Moon


1st:   Karen Bennett, Natural Life No Parole
2nd: Elisabeth Kahn, Gurdeep (A Comedy of Manners)


1st:   Jack L. King III, The Prime Equation
2nd: Richard J. Hinkemeyer, Where Cannons Echoed

Science Fiction-Fantasy-Speculative

1st:   Gayle Gillespie, Song of the Prophecy
2nd: Winifred Halsey, End of Days


1st:   Ronald L. Chiste, Eagles Don’t Die
2nd: Rogan Stearns, Nam

MWA 2006 International Novel Contest Results