Maryland Writers' Association
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Awards Announcement

The Maryland Writers' Association is pleased to present the winners of the 2006 Short Works Writing Contest.

Creative Non Fiction:

1st place: Vic Brown - Peanut Girl

2nd place: Renee Domogauer - Almost Family

3rd place: Peg McAllen - Looke at Me!


1st place: Cliff Lynn - vs. Captain America

2nd place: Cliff Lyn - argument for a caffeine-free diet

3rd place: Olga Duga - A Poem for Your Pocket


1st place: Brick Eisel - Now or Later

2nd place: Clynthia Burton Graham - God's Will

3rd place: Helena Mann-Melnitchenko - The Smile of the Crocodile

Note: The Short Works writing contest is a blind-judged competition, and no critique of the submission is offered. The identity of the judges remains anonymous. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the contest coordinator, Mary Bargteil at [email protected]

2006 MWA Short Works Contest