Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems

Life In Me - anthology of love poems
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Love does more than make skin tingle and cheeks flush. It creates an interior heat that can stoke the furnace of inspiration and communion, giving us fuel to get through our daily lives. That heat can also be wild as grass on fire, burning us to ash.

The Maryland Writers’ Association, editor Laura Shovan, and fifty poets guide us through a seven-fold expression of love Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems. This collection explores:

  • First Love, Lost Love
  • Love of Art and Work
  • Friends and Family
  • Love of Nature
  • Love Floods the Senses
  • The Madness of Love
  • Love as We Age

Without the dreaded saccharine of so many love poems, these reveal a depth of experience, fresh and unexpected perspectives, and no lack of pain and joy. With insight, wit, and honesty, Life in Me Like Grass on Fire creates a view of love that is playful, resigned, passionate and, ultimately, hopeful.

"This collection offers dazzling variety…riches to the senses, an abundance of wonderful 'stuff.' I [HEART] Life In Me Like Grass On Fire."
—Clarinda Harriss, author of Mortmain, co-editor of Hot Sonnets: An Anthology
"Life in Me Like Grass on Fire is the confluence into which the many streams of love flow. Ride the current of these words through rapids and still waters to places new yet familiar with these poets as your able guides."
—Gregg Wilhelm, Executive Director, CityLit Project
 For more information or to schedule a reading, please contact editor Laura Shovan.

New Lines from the Old Line State

ISBN: 978-0-9820032-0-6

Thirty-six captivating pieces of literature from twenty-nine authors in this debut anthology from the Maryland Writers' Association

For over twenty years, the Maryland Writers' Association has nurtured and supported the Maryland literary arts community with monthly meetings, workshops, lectures, author showcases, newsletters, and an annual writers' conference. Now, for the first time, these select MWA members deliver a riveting introduction to the region's writing community in New Lines from the Old Line State.

This collection offers a rich and varied selection of contemporary literature from a stylistically and culturally diverse range of writers including:

Eric D. Goodman, Juliet M. Johnson, Lalita Noronha, Austin S. Camacho, Mary Stojak, Frank S. Joseph, Gary L. Lester, Sonia L. Linebaugh, Vanessa Orlando, Lynn Stearns, Sherri Cook Woosley, Angela Render, Jennie L. Deitz, Sherry Audette Morrow, Sally Whitney, Jane Frutchey, Susan Lesser, Liz Moser, Bonny Barry Sanders, Laura Shovan, B. Morrison, Scott Frias, Lauren Beth Eisenberg, Sherry Bosley, Chris Bancells, Al Karasa, Rosemary Mild, Elizabeth Ayres, Ami Spencer

With seven essays, fourteen poems, and fifteen short stories in genres ranging from mystery to fantasy to literary fiction, New Lines from the Old Line State has something for everyone.

(MWA members please e-mail [email protected] with your full name and membership ID number for a special members-only discount).