Teen Writing Club

Since 2009, MWA volunteers have worked to encourage and mentor young writers through the Teen Writing Club program. With 10 clubs and over 100 members, the program is growing rapidly.  MWA members, working closely with local libraries, provide a constructive, mentoring relationship for groups of 13-18 year olds who want to improve their writing skills. Most clubs operate in a workshop format so that teens can share their writing and get feedback from their peers. Leaders offer guidance and advice, writing exercises, and constructive criticism. In 2015, program leaders published the first in a series of anthologies of writing produced in the clubs. 


MWA is looking for additional volunteer leaders to expand the program throughout the state. Club leaders have considerable discretion to determine the frequency, location, format, and time for meetings. Club leaders, who must be MWA members, offer guidance and advice, suggest writing exercises, and supervise all club activities.   

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Teen Club Coordinator Christina Lyons at teenwriters@marylandwriters.org.