2018 Book Award Entries

The 2018 MWA Book Awards are open to all MWA members in good standing who have published a novel (50K words or more) in 2016 or 2017.  There is no fee to enter; one entry per MWA member. Sumbissions closed September 30, 2017.

Entries are being considered for awards in the following genre divisions (individual titles listed below): 

  • Mystery/thriller
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative fiction
  • Literary/Mainstream
  • Historical Fiction

Winners chosen by the MWA membership. Scoring closed February 28, 2018.

And the winners are...

  • Historical Fiction: The Eagle and the Dragon by Lewis McIntyre
  • Mainstream/Literary: Hawke's Return by Mark Willen
  • Mystery/Thriller: Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders by Frank Hopkins
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative Fiction: The House on Moss Swamp Road by M.J. Patrick

 Congratulations to the winners, and thank to all 27 entrants.


Literary / Mainstream

Title: Last of the Annamese
Author: Tom Glenn
ISBN Number: 978-1-68247-093-0

No one escaped whole from the fall of Saigon in 1975. Last of the Annamese is an autobiographical novel about those who got out, those who decided to stay, and those who chose death rather than life under the Communists. The characters are fiction, but the historical events are real.

Book availability:
Howard County Library has three copies. On Amazon.com, you can buy used copies from $1.96, new from $6.97.



Title: The Last Battle
Author: Tamar Anolic
ISBN Number: 978-1544610597

Colonel Zac Madison fought in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. After a forced disability retirement, she is at a dead end in life: permanently injured, separated from the military, and too close to her abusive, dysfunctional family. Soon, her PTSD and anxiety are as bad as her physical wounds. As her woes mount, Zac struggles to decide whether to plan her future- or whether to end her suffering once and for all.

Book availability:



Title: More Than A Fraction
Author: Kerri Moseley-Hobbs
ISBN Number: 978-1547055395

Based on a true story, what happens when one man tries to control a whole family? Eventually there is a standoff.

Book availability: Purchase at: amazon.com 
Scoring members can also request a draft pdf version from the author (Kerriami@aol.com). Draft version will NOT include final round of copy edits.




Title: It Takes a Hood...Two young African Americans take responsibility for ending Baltimore crime
Author: Norwood Johnson

ISBN Number: 978-1478749134

Cynthia Jones and friend, Korea, are from Baltimore. They argue about Baltimore's crime rate. Korea accuses Cynthia tough on black men. Cynthia succumbs to a coma. Then, Cynthia and Korea make a difference in the community. They face multiple challenges and face an unforeseeable proposition.

Book availability:
Barnes & Noble


Title: Doc Doc Zeus: A Novel of White Coat Crime
Author: Thomas Keech
ISBN Number: 9.781E+12

Dr. Zeus, a clever but narcissistic gynecologist, savors his ability to drug and sexually abuse his sixteen-year-old patient, Diane, but he is ultimately undone by her strength and resilience and by the persistence of David, a novice medical board investigator.

Book availability:
Kindle, Nook and iBook: $2.99 978099838052
Paperback: Amazon 9780998380513 $9.95
For an easy link to the book on Amazon, just go to realnicebooks.com 
Hardback (9780998380506): bookstores, but you have to ask for it. I am currently trying to get it placed into the Baltimore County Library system. I will send a free copy of the paperback edition to the first three people who ask for it. Contact me at the `About Tom` drop-down section of the realnicebooks.com website. 


Title: The World of Comics
Author: Cory Jay Schulman
ISBN Number: 978-0-9962344-1-2

The World of Comics is a coming-of-age story about a 13-year old boy whose passion for collecting comic books evolves into an obsession that threatens his academics, family life, and relationship with his peers.

Book availability: bestsellerpublications.com

The World of Comics is available at $4, with free shipping, if ordered by email at bestsellerpublications@gmail.com.




Title: Hawke's Return
Author: Mark Willen
ISBN Number: 978-1683131113

It's his word against hers, and the stakes couldn't be higher. When a teenager accuses a charity worker of blackmailing her for sex -- and then abruptly disappears -- a mystery becomes a crisis, raising fears for the girl, the charity's survival, and the reputation of a man who may be innocent.

Book availability:
Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. MWA members can also contact the author for discounted copies at mark@markwillen.com.



Mystery / Thriller

Title: Relic
Author: Roberta M Gore
ISBN Number: 978-1-63213-204-8
In 2093 tribes believe relics heal. Gin steals a statue of a man nailed to two pieces of wood, and moments later the burned-out shell of a NYC skyscraper collapses. But the healing power this relic radiates cannot be contained, and Gin discovers hope might yet take root on earth.

Book availability: RELIC may be purchased directly from the publisher, eLectiopublishing.com, or from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. The price is $4.99 for the e-book.



Title: Death at the Day Lily Cafe
Author: Wendy Sand Eckel
ISBN Number: 978-1-250-05861-4

Death at the Day Lily Cafe is a delicious story filled with humor, mouth-watering food, and a can't-put-it-down mystery. Set in a small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore, the second in the Rosalie Hart series entertains with great story-telling and a lovable cast of characters

Book availability:
Anne Arundel County Libraries, Kent County Library, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Independent book stores, author provided: www.wendysandeckelauthor.com




Title: Ghost of the Highlands
Author: Connie C. Scharon
ISBN Number: 1544142234
Given in marriage to the bastard son of the MacLeod chieftain, Brianna must accept her punishment and marry Cade MacLeod. Stalked by treacherous adversaries and haunted by an ancient Viking ghost, she hides a dark secret. Will Brianna find love with an unwilling husband and a ghost haunting the castle?

Book availability:
Amazon - under title or author name
Amazon e-book link



Title: Containment
Author: Hank Parker
ISBN Number: 978-1-5011-3644-3

When a gruesome new tick-borne virus erupts near a major U.S. city and the outbreak is traced to an extremist group in Southeast Asia, the race to stop a global bio-terrorism conspiracy is on. This chilling, realistic thriller is a terrifying reminder of our vulnerability to biological threats.

Book availability:




Title: Driver Confessional
Author: David L. Winters
ISBN Number: 978-0-9977747-2-6

On a particularly dark night, a ride-share driver picks up a mysterious woman from the Palm Restaurant. Her confession plunges Antonio into a work of international espionage, murder and secrets.

Book availability:




Title: Twisted Realms an Elisabeth Reinhardt Thriller
Author: Nancy J Alexander
ISBN Number: 1973864010

A suspenseful tale of justice and madness. Twisted Realms finds psychologist Elisabeth Reinhardt plunged into the unfathomable complexities of the human mind. From the Canadian Border to the barrios of Mexico City, she and her team narrowly escape disaster as they navigate the dark worlds of cults and cartels to rescue loved ones, free kidnapped children, and aid law enforcement. In this heart-pounding race against time, no one is safe. Not even Elisabeth.

Book availability:
Amazon.com available in paperback and kindle
Author - Nancy J Alexander www.nancyjalexander.com


Title: Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders
Author: Frank E Hopkins
ISBN Number: 978-0-9988200-0-2

For the U.S, the Vietnam War ended in 1975. The hated between American factions did not. The result: serial murder. The search for a serial killer reveals a complex web of interrelated Maryland students, a crusading newspaper reporter, CIA agents, and double agents, in this fast-paced realistic suspense novel.

Book availability:


Title: The Wages of Hate/Killing is not from God
Author: Peter Paras
ISBN Number: 978-1-4984-5362-2

Wages of Hate, explores the relationship between hate and violence. Their spiraling interface escalates incidents of destruction and killing, culminating in nuclear war. I advocate that military action is insufficient to defeat Terrorism. The fight is also ideological. The book ends with the formation of a movement, "Killing is not from God," by two former terrorists, one, martyred, and the other, an apostle, for the new cause.

Book availability: Kindle edition of my book is available through amazon.com for $2.99. Paperback editions are also available through amazon and barnes and noble for about $32.00.


Title: Accidental Lawyer
Author: Kim Hamilton
ISBN Number: 9.78195E+12

When a rookie attorney takes a job as an ambulance chaser, her elevated professional status has her wrangling with a mob boss, duping a drug dealer and confronting phony clients. But her biggest challenge is something she didn't sign up for—tracking down a killer. Set in Baltimore.

Book availability: Available for $.99 on Amazon. My publisher sets all prices http://amzn.to/2hAlAxB



Science Fiction / Fantasy / Speculative Fiction

Title: Mystery of White Horse Lake
Author: Frances Powell
ISBN Number: 1483597474

Castle Chonamara was built on home of the Sidhe fairies, who jealously guard their mountain home, and the mysterious White Horse that they summon from the waters of the lake to punish those who they deemed unworthy to walk their sacred land.

Book availability:



Title: Night at the Belvedere
Author: Stephen Michael Berberich

Young Niccola Augusta Esposito knew what was expected of him. He desired to fit into his gregarious Italian-American family. But, as he grew up, Nicky slowly realized he could never conform. A dream sealed the quiet boy's fate to be forever "visiting" the past. Nicky was the unexpected Esposito. 

Book availability: 




Title: Twin Worlds
Author: F. J. Talley
ISBN Number: 978-1544260273

Two decorated starship captains, Tucker McLeod and Raina Wolfe, are working hard in important negotiations between two worlds -- Hemod and Herai -- in desperate need of greater cooperation. The captains uncover a conspiracy designed to wreck the negotiations and fight it -- their way.

Book availability:
Twin Worlds can be found Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook, Google Play, Kobo, and on Create Space. This page can link too all these sites: fjtalley.com



Title: Fangs in the Forest / Book One of the Blood Sisters Series
Author: Kari Alice
ISBN Number: 978-0-9976075-2-9

Shelby accepts a position as assistant to mysterious author Daniel Flynn. Shelby has suffered a recent loss, but finds Daniel's generous heart helps her to heal. Daniel is drawn to Shelby even before she ever lays eyes on him. Once they're together, Daniel is forced to test his supernatural boundaries.

Book availability: 



Title: The House on Moss Swamp Road
Author: M. J. Patrick
ISBN Number: B075WFDW38

What happens when a terminally ill child meets the soul of a disillusioned, forgotten woman? Will their friendship withstand the pressures of time and space? Maybe with a little bit of trust and a lot of ingenuity, they can work together to find a way to change each other's fate.

Book availability:
Published on Amazon as a Kindle e-book.



Title: Race to Redemption
Author: Shari Elder
ISBN: 978-1-77339-092-5

In this science fiction romance, a pilot and a doctor race across a desert planet to prevent a deadly phage while fighting the pull of their own hearts.

Book Availability: Amazon



Historical Fiction

Title: The Eagle and the Dragon, a Novel of Rome and China
Author: Lewis F. McIntyre
ISBN: 692820803

When Trajan taps Aulus Galba to lead the first Roman mission to China, Aulus expects an easy path to fame and fortune. But the fates have other plans for him and his companions, casting them in unlikely alliances, fighting for their lives to find the road leading to Rome.

Book Availability:
Paper backs can be ordered witha 30 percent discount at www.createspace.com, discount code 6RQTEEPS


Title: Escape to Freedom
Author: Frances Altman
ISBN: 978-1537705507; ebook: 10:1537705504

Adrian Morgan sails from England as a bond servant surviving a hurricane to reach America. As a young adult she is strong-willed and determined to earn her freedom and start a new life in Baltimore City. But when her bond is sold to a possessive lawyer, she decides to run away to Indian Territory where freedom is guaranteed. She teams up with Daniel Dunn another bond servant who shows initiative and confidence. They combine their skills to escape.

Book Availability:
Copy in Baltimore County Library. Available Amazon.com, Kindle free or for other sources contact me.


Title: Stuck in the Onesies
Author: Diana McDonough
ISBN: 1539644243

You'll laugh and cry with Barb and Ellie, two Donna Reed era moms raising kids during the tumultuous 60's near Washington, DC. Issues of the 60s are intertwined, racism, women's rights, etc. The story shows our nation's evolution through its characters as well as the events of the decade. "

Book Availability:
On Amazon in paperback or Kindle version. Stuck in the Onesies can also be purchased at the following locations in Berlin, MD: Sisters, Bungalow Love, Urban Nectar, Assateague Surf Shop, Pony Island Gift Shop and Greetings & Readings, Hunt Valley, MD


Title: Parham's Mill
Author: Karen D McIntyre
ISBN Number: 13-978-1548617776

Set in 1950s Appalachia, Parham's Mill tells the story of Caroline and her grandfather. They are wolf-shifters, a closely guarded secret. Healers and protectors of the community for almost two centuries, their peace is challenged when a stranger comes to town, pursued by evil from his past.

Book availability:
AmazonCreatespace 30% Discount, Code AUUES26U.



Title: 8MEN
Author: Marcus V Smith
ISBN: 13: 978-1546382096

What if a single group of conspirators was behind nearly every political happening since World War II? What if this secret society of comprised leading men from every major industry, from oil to the media to the CIA? 8Men reveals the sinister possibilities that lurk in the shadows of recent American history.

Book Availability:
Amazon.com, Kindle Unlimited(free), Barnes and Noble and Books-a-million


Note: Submissions are now closed. MWA members may score each submission once. Once a score has been submitted, it cannot be changed or withdrawn. Scoring closes February 28, 2018.

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The 2018 MWA Book Awards are open to all MWA members in good standing who have published a novel (50K words or more) in 2017. There is no fee to enter. 

Awards will be given in the following genre divisions*: 

  • Literary/Mainstream
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy/Speculative fiction
  • Historical Fiction

* At least 5 qualifying division entries are required to award a prize in that division. Becuase not enough entries were received for the Romance and Young Adult / New Adult categories, no award will be given in those categories.

Co-authored books are allowed; anthologies to which the author has contributed a story are not. 

Authors are not required to submit copies of their book; however, they are encouraged to negotiate a lower ebook price with their publisher for MWA members during the contest period so that members can access their books more easily. 

Critique sheets will not be given. 



Winners will be chosen by the MWA membership, scoring entries on a 1 to 10 scale.  Scores will be averaged to determine winners. Scoring will open by November 1, 2017.

MWA members in good standing may score entries, one score per entry.

Authors must score at least 4 other entries, in a genre division other than the one submitted to.  Entries whose authors do not fulfill this requirement will not be considered for prizes. 

Entries receiving fewer than 5 scores will not be considered for prizes. 

Scoring period closes February 28, 2018.  

Awards will be announced at the MWA Conference in March 2018.