2016 Writing Contest Winners

2016 Novel Contest Winners

  • First Place: Three Skips of a Stone by Wendy Eckel 
  • Second Place: Life, Liberty, and Inequality by David Connell
  • Third Place: Lola in Paradise by Barbara Mujica

2016 Poetry Contest Winners

  • First Place: "Harvest Moon" by Ed Vojik 
  • Second Place: "Birth of the Girl-Child" by Rachel Hicks 
  • Third Place: "Early September Evenings" by Thomas Budesheim

2016 Short Fiction/Nonfiction Contest Winners

  • First Place: "Big Daddy Drag and the Coal Queen of Carmichael County" by Mike Murphy
  • Second Place: "Ox" by Barbara Mujica
  • Third Place: "Something Happened" by Charles Heller